Join the Fight Against Diseases of Excess Weight

Join Us in the Fight Against Diseases of Excess Weight

The Billion Pound Blitz is about breaking generational curse to the Diseases of Excess Weight. If you or a family member have PROSTATE CANCER OR BREAST CANCER, TYPE 2 DIABETES, GOUT, KIDNEY DISEASE, LIVER DISEASE, HEART DISEASE, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, HYPERTENSION, OBESITY, PANCREATIC DISEASE, SLEEP APNEA & STROKE this historic movement is for you. Beyond the improvement of the health of the Nation, there are fiscal considerations.

Last year the US Government spent 147 Billion Dollars on excess weight related ailments. Some experts project that number to exceed 165 Billion Dollars in 2010. This course is unsustainable as we are eating our way into fiscal disaster. As citizens we do have an obligation to do our part.

This initiative will do its part to help reduce the high cost of healthcare that is strangling this country. Many want to blame the Insurance industry and they certainly have culpability. Many want to blame hospitals and they may have some responsibility. But the truth of the matter is that we have to look at ourselves and the habits we have developed over time.

The Billion Pound Blitz is charged with doing our part to change the physical and fiscal tsunami on the horizon.