Ask the Fat Doctors - Podcasts

Ask The Fat Doctors - Beverages/Aspartame/Osteoporis and Non Invasive Pain Management

Guest are Dr. Reasean Hodges of BACAS ( Non Invasive Pain Management ) and Econuel Hodges 

Boomtown Talk - Affordable Care Act & the Georgia Diabetes Coalition

Guest are Dr Gregory Bolden, Chairperson of the Georgia Diabetes Coalition and John C. Riley of the Exective Director of the Georgia Diabetes Coalition. 

Boomtown Talk - Affordable Care Act

Guest Dorian Martindale, Navigator of Whitefoord Inc. - Obama Care submission  

Ask The Fat Doctors Podcast - Episode 15

2012 "Wrap Up" and AHA President Elect Dr. Cheryl Pegus discusses Heath Disease among women

Boomtown Talk Ep 6

Join us as we discuss care giving with Lisa Meeks and find out the answer to the topic "When Should We Consider Living Alone" with Melinda, Tee, Lee, and Jamie!

Ask The Fat Doctors Podcast - Episode 17

In this "Championship Edition" of Ask The Fat Doctor's, we discuss Mike Tyson's one man stage show, give you the real on the Manti Te'o saga, Jamie shares a compelling story that you don't want to miss, and we hit you with our weekly "Hold On Playa" segment to tickle your funny bone!

Ask The Fat Doctors Podcast - Episode 16

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting what? Also Dr. Titus Duncan joins shares with us "When it's time to cut"