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Welcome to BoomTown Talk. If you’re over 50 we’re talking to you. We also have a fun and engaging podcast hosted by Lee Lambert, Melinda Davis and retired NFL Player Jamie Dukes. BTT’s purpose is to provide relevant information to Seniors as part of the Put Up Your Dukes Foundation’s health and wellness strategy.

The PUYDF created several innovative tactics and solutions to accomplish its goals including the Billion Pound Blitz initiative which is a good natured competition that offers once in a lifetime incentives to participants who achieve excellence. Prizes include access to high profile celebrities and professional athletes. Trips, Electronics, Gift Cards and other prizes are also featured in this program.


BLOG:  An Honor To Serve!

Last week I received an urgent and emotional phone call. The co-host from the radio show I do and former news anchor was panicked. In one minute, she went from a loving granddaughter…… to a caregiver. The matriarch of the family, the invincible woman who had lived through everything, the precious grandmother who raised her and whom she idolized…………….had fallen.  ..... Lee Lambert 

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